Upper Merion Baptist Church


Loving God, Loving each other, Loving our neighbors, near and far


Upper Merion Baptist Church emphasizes its role as servant leader in the community by providing a multitude of church-sponsored activities to disciple and invigorate believers, to attract and serve newcomers, and to offer meeting space for many community groups. In addition to Sunday morning activities, the church sustains events throughout the week.




Church Activities and Events



"Our Interim Pastor" -  The Pastoral Search Committee is happy to announce that the Lord has led us to call Dr. Alan Selig in June 2016 to be our Interim Pastor. Pastor Alan and his wife, Karen, live in Pottstown. Karen is the Pastor of the Royersford Baptist Church.

He is prepared to stay with us for at least 18 months, during which time we will trust the Lord to lead us to our next full time pastor.

Pastor Alan was the Interim Pastor at two other American Baptist Churches in the area, Pughtown, and Exton.                


"IMPACT Prayer Time" - Every Wednesday from 12 to 12:45 in the Choir Room. Come to pray or come with a prayer concern. God  does amazing things.


Mens Fraternity starting on January 21- Bible Idiots Are we idiots for believing the Bible?

Join us on this five session road trip with the Danielson family across the country talking to people about their thoughts on the Bible. From the educated elite to the person on the street, they discuss questions as: Is the Bible true, accurate, inspired? Are all religions the same? What is the difference between cultural and authentic Christianity?













Every Month:

Every 2nd Sunday @ 2:30pm ManorCare Worship Service

2nd Tuesday @ 8:30am Morningstar Breakfast at Bob Evans in Oaks




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